Jordan Pitt

Jordan Pitt

Jordan has a varied background when it comes to training.

Starting off with dancing from the age of 11, he then began weight training at 14.  It was at the age of 16 where he commenced boxing/kickboxing training and realised that the type of weight training he was doing hindered his progress, so he tailored his programme and incorporated more of a calisthenics style routine.

He has developed a style where he can train anywhere using the resistance of the body in order to provide challenging and impactful workouts.

Jordan uses a variety of techniques to help clients achieve their goals, including (but not limited to) Boxing, TRX, Kettlebell and Callisthenics.

Whether you’re looking to increase your athletic ability, trying to get holiday fit, or just generally shed a few pounds, Jordan can deliver a programme to suit your needs.

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