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New Year special and our 1st ever blog.....omg

Our first blog of the year and I suppose our first blog ever as Glove Up Boxing Gym. I'll start by letting everyone know these are the last few days of our New Year special deal, We have massive savings of over £50, which includes 2 months unlimited use of all the classes and open gym. Glove Up t.shirt and handwraps. Moving forward lots of new things are happening we're switching up the timetable and making it a bit more streamline. Starting with boxing at a set time of 6pm/6:30pm Monday to Friday followed by kickboxing/thai boxing at 7pm/7:30pm. Were also contemplating closing on a Sunday, not sure yet but if we do we will probably increase the hours on Sat. Let us know your thoughts on the new timetable, what would you like to see? also your thoughts on closing on a Sunday

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